Tietoykkönen - This is us

To be able to make decisions you need information. To make successful decisions you need to focus on the essential. These things we are professionals in, and therefore make a great partner for you.

We have experience in the research industry for thirty years. During this time we have learnt a lot. For example, that in order to have the right results we must focus on the core of the issue. Then we need to be clever and ask the right questions. From the information gathered we must have the ability to present conclusions and finally the most important of all – we help you identify what to do with your information.

When you look for a partner in research or are out-contracting projects in Finland, we encourage you to give us a call. We are experienced in B2B, B2C and B2G projects. f you are planning to contract out projects or you face marketing problems in Nordic countries - consumer or B to B - we´ll be happy to help you

We are a flexible and a reliable partner that is owned by Keskisuomalainen PLC. 

Please contact our research director Lasse Luoma.

Lasse Luoma research director 0400 643 799


1592liters of coffee in a year

1020 telephone calls per day

1200F2F interviews per year

24,5yrs average age of part-time empolyees